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Simone's students benefit from her twenty years of professional experience in Musical Theatre, Voice Acting, Roleplay and Singing, in styles varying from Jazz & Blues to Gospel, MT, Cabaret and Pop. Her own training began with classical technique under the tutelage of Western Australia's leading Mezzo Soprano, Megan Sutton, and continued with a Diploma in Musical Theatre at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Her education in Jazz began on the streets of New Orleans, but it was in the  theatres and jazz bars of London's West End, working with veterans of the craft, where she really cut her teeth and established herself as a performing artist of international standard.

Simone has taught and given masterclasses in Acting and Singing at the University of Westminster, WAC Arts and Stagecoach in London. Simone loves to share what she has learnt, and to encourage emerging and established talent at all levels, from beginners and students to professionals and peers.

"The students got a lot out of your sessions - it was very evident in their assessment performances that they had been drilled in audition technique and etiquette. Their singing voices have really expanded due to your sessions...some of them have come out of their shells as interpreters so your support and skill is appreciated."

Cathryn Robson - Head of Singing, Dip Musical Theatre, WAC Arts

Senior Lecturer - Bachelor of Commercial Music Performance, University of Westminster

what you'll gain from singing | acting sessions with Simone

  • Confidence - discover & fortify your strengths and improve your 'troubleshoot' areas in a safe & fun space

  • Technique - establish/develop breathing patterns that will increase your stamina, projection & quality

  • Placement - learn where to 'place' your voice to achieve twang, belt, legit & breathy qualities, safely

  • Exercises - tailor made to increase your range, versatility, agility as well as warm up & cool down safely

  • Dynamics - learn when and how to create dynamic tension within a song/performance

  • Connection - connect with the audience by finding the truth in the lyrics/text & deliver it honestly

  • Presence - learn how to command a stage and a room with body language, voice and content

  • Strategies - overcome self-sabotaging nerves, performance anxiety and stage fright

  • Leadership - learn the language and skills required to communicate to audition pianists & lead a band

  • Auditions - how to nail it - from the moment you enter the room, til the moment you leave

  • Style - find your individual voice through exploration of phrasing, rhythm, tempo & repertoire

  • Inspiration - exposure to styles, repertoire and artists to improve your aural appreciation & expand ideas

  • Diversity - study techniques & repertoire in classical, musical theatre, gospel, jazz, blues, country and pop

  • Variety - learn how to approach singing solo, in ensemble, choir, trio, bv's - in harmony and unison

  • Script/lyrics - deconstruct, find the rhythm, the purpose, the character, the journey, the story, the sell

  • Direction - learn how to take the note and work it into your ideas of the characters journey

  • Etiquette - in auditions, rehearsals, on stage and backstage - nailing this will bring your career longevity

  • Performance - how to implement, trust, let go and enjoy all of the above

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